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Ever find yourself not smiling in photographs or trying to hide your teeth when you speak? Orthodontics could be the answer you’ve been looking for. You could gain a smile to show off and regain your confidence giving you a better quality of life. Gain quick results, with an average time to achieve your winning smile within 6 months.

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Orthodontic treatment is when braces or aligners are used to make teeth straight. Braces have evolved a long way and can now be worn very discreetly without people knowing you have them. Here at the Peppermint Group we thrive on using the latest technology to give you the treatment that will suit your everyday needs best.

Ceramic Braces: (Quick Straight Teeth / 6 Month Smiles)

These are fixed brackets bonded to the front of your teeth with a wire, the wires are changed throughout the course of treatment moving the teeth gradually, you will need to attend every 4 weeks for adjustments.

Clear Aligners: (Smilelign / Invisalign)

These are removable aligners (trays) that are fitted over the teeth, they are custom made to your mouth and are made in a lab using the latest technology, the computerised technology constructs the tray, the trays are changed every 3 weeks, as they are changed your teeth will move until aligned.

Orthodontics Treatment time varies from patient to patient depending on individual requirements.

Cost of teeth straightening?

Flexible payment options – Dental braces plans from £75/ month over a 3 year period.

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