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Peppermint Cosmetic Dentists in Glasgow

If you’re looking for professional, high quality cosmetic dentistry in Glasgow, then The professional team at The Peppermint Group are the dentists in Glasgow you’re looking for! Here at Peppermint, we provide a wide variety of cosmetic and implant dentistry, including dental veneers, teeth whitening and dental implants in Glasgow. We also provide a range of facial aesthetics, including dermal facial, and lip fillers.


At The Peppermint Group in Glasgow, we’re passionate about creating the perfect vision of you. Confidence is key, and our wide range of dental clinic services can help you gain that perfect, beautiful smile you’ve always wanted.

Why Choose The Peppermint Group?


We have a fantastic record of providing thousands of clients with effective dental and aesthetic treatments in Glasgow, giving them the confidence to look and feel great. We are very central, and have 3 clinics within the city of Glasgow located at Bath Street, Maryhill, and Chapel hall.


At Peppermint, we’re committed to providing a relaxed atmosphere within all of our clinics. It’s always our aim to ensure that all our patients are comfortable and relaxed when receiving our treatment, and our state-of-the-art ceramic dental studio does just that!


We get a genuine thrill out of seeing our patients smile about their appearance improvements. We aim to ensure that every one of our clients leave our clinics feeling great about their treatment. It’s just a little part of what makes us one of the best cosmetic dentists in Glasgow.

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Are you looking for a professional dentist in Glasgow, ready to offer you highly effective dental treatment? For something as important as cosmetic dentistry, you want only the best clinic to provide your treatment. If cosmetic dentistry is done wrong, it might only make your confidence worse! Avoid poor results from cosmetic dentistry by choosing The Peppermint Group for your treatment in Glasgow!

Our dental studios offer a vast range of popular dental treatments such as dental implants, dental veneers, dental crowns, teeth whitening, and quick teeth straightening. Our dental implants offer a cost effective, convenient alternative to dentures. Our tooth implants are very effective when it comes to replacing broken or missing teeth in Glasgow.

We understand the amount of confidence that comes with a smile. If you have some or all your teeth missing, with a bit of planning at the start, we can often place tooth implants and place new teeth on to them, allowing  you to chew, smile and feel happy about the appearance of your teeth all year round!

If you are unhappy with the colour of your teeth, or you’re overly concerned that your smile is both dull and stained, The Peppermint Group’s teeth whitening services in Glasgow could be a perfect option to improve your smile, along with your confidence! Our teeth whitening services are a fantastic pain free procedure that can quickly brighten your smile. With our teeth whitening service in Glasgow, you can be rest assured that your smile is in safe hands.

Additionally, our dental veneers are very effective in masking out the bad appearance of teeth which are either stained, or chipped for example. Veneers are comfortable, long lasting, and look great!

If you are looking for implant dentistry in Glasgow, our team of professional dentists and surgeons are fully qualified to give you the implants you need, having extensive experience in this specific field of dentistry. Our dental implants act as tooth root substitutes when teeth are missing. These create a strong foundation, providing you with stable anchors for your replacement teeth.

Our dental crowns are perfect for improving the appearance of a tooth which has been badly affected by decay, or a large filling. With a dental crown, restoration is provided to the tooth by covering parts which are affected. Not only does this improve the appearance of the tooth, but it also highly strengthens it to avoid worse effects in the future.


Lip Fillers Treatment in Glasgow

Lip Fillers are becoming one of the most popular treatments at our clinics in Glasgow. This is because they’re known for providing our clients with visibly better results for a beautiful, naturally healthy look!

It’s only natural for our lips to lose a lot of their volume as we age. This means that your lips can become flattened creating a more tired and aged appearance in general. Lip Filler treatment from The Peppermint Group is proven to be affective in reversing these changes, naturally giving you a more youthful look, and boosting your confidence in the process. It’s just one of the ways to help give you the perfect smile you’ve always wanted!

While lip filler treatment is popular, it’s also one of the most challenging areas is cosmetic treatment. That’s why it’s vital that you seek only the best cosmetic surgeons to perform this treatment for you. At The Peppermint Group, we take pride in having some of the most skilled cosmetic surgeons within Glasgow ready to give you Lip Filler Treatment. Our team use only a personal approach to ensure that we have the best understanding of exactly what you’re looking for our of your lip Filler Treatment.

Coolsculpting Services Glasgow

Our aesthetic clinic provides some of the most up to date non surgical treatments on the market such as anti wrinkle injections, non surgical facelift, cheek augmentation, lip augmentation, medical skin peels, Coolsculpting and medical grade facials. We pride ourselves in making sure that we are always advancing and offering new treatments as they become available.

If you’ve been considering liposuction, but don’t like the idea of anaesthetics, then coolsculpting could be a great alternative for you. The Peppermint Group’s coolsculpting services in Glasgow have been proven to be highly affective at removing unwanted fat from different parts of the body, and are performed pain, and surgery free!

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