Non-Surgical Facelifts Glasgow

A non-surgical facelift in Glasgow from The Peppermint Group can help rejuvenate skin, to give a more naturally healthy look, surgery free!

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Surgery Free Facelifts in Glasgow

Our non-surgical facelifts are carried out by our medical professionals to reduce the main signs of ageing that are occurring on your face, giving you a more youthful appearance overall. Non-surgical facelifts differ from surgical facelifts, and have a different impact on the face overall.

At The Peppermint Group in Glasgow, we’re proud to offer completely surgery free Facelifts – designed to provide our clients with the amazing results of a facelift without worrying about surgery! The non surgical facelift procedure is designed to reduce the many signs of ageing on the face that occur naturally, especially in women. These can include heavy eye bags, sagging cheeks or sagging skin, and blemished skin, to mention a few.

The Peppermint Group are Glasgow’s go to health clinic for non-surgical facelifts provided by our expert surgeons . Efficient and safe, you’ll see the great results from our non-surgical facelift procedures within days. Read on below to see how our non-surgical facelift services could benefit you!

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Non surgical Facelift's - What’s Involved?

At The Peppermint Group, we want to make our clients feel as comfortable as possible when it comes to getting their non-surgical facelift done. That’s why we ensure that each and every procedure is tailored to the needs of the individual – using a range of different techniques for every client.

Our non-surgical facelifts can create a slimmer looking face with a more defined jawline and chin, and uplifted cheekbones. This is dont by targeting loose, sagging skin, removing excess skin and ultimately creating a more youthful appearance. This reduces the appearance of sagginess, and reduces the jowls, creating a tightening effect on the neck area.

As an add on, we can also create an eyebrow lift using different thicknesses!

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Main Techniques

The main techniques involved in a non-surgical facelift include restoring volume to many different parts of the face, including the cheeks, eyes (eyelids), jawline, temples and the chin. We use a variety of different muscle relaxing injections using only the highest quality fillers in order to vastly reduce the appearance of heavy wrinkles, and lift the overall appearance of your face in many different areas. You can be assured that The Peppermint Group use only the best brands available on the market in order to produce the most impressive results for you!

A lot of our patients who come to use for these non-surgical facelifts see the excellent results and wonder what else we offer. Our CoolSculpting Glasgow treatments are a favourite amongst people looking to target areas of fat that they want rid of, to feel more confident in their appearance.

Non-surgical facelifts can help rejuvenate skin. If there are any unanswered questions below, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

A non-surgical facelift is a very different concept to that of a surgical facelift. In a surgical facelift, the idea is to mainly remove skin that is sagging. In a non-surgical facelift, the goal of the procedure is to improve the actual condition of the skin rather than removing any. Another big different between the two procedures is the downtime involved. Non-surgical facelifts involve much less downtime compared to facelifts involving surgery. With a surgery related facelift, you will most likely require up to a week off work. A non-surgical facelift usually has little to no downtime, and you can expect to return to your normal schedule the very next day!

You can expect the results from your non-surgical facelift to last for 12-24 months.