Dentures remain a tried and tested technique for replacing missing teeth and gum tissue. A well-made cosmetic denture can be a thing of beauty, allowing people to smile and have increased confidence in public.



Although not a long-term solution for everyone, dentures are often used as the first stage to replace teeth that are to be lost - “immediate dentures”. As the name suggests, the immediate denture is fitted on the day of removal of teeth, so that you do not have to have an unsightly gap whilst the gum heals. Following a period of time to allow the gum to heal, the immediate denture can be re-lined, or the patient can choose to go onto a long-term aesthetic denture. Some decide that they would like a fixed replacement for teeth - either supported by the patient’s natural teeth or implants, or have some implants placed to hold a denture steady and secure, giving increased confidence in function and in social circumstances. An example of where two implants are used to keep a lower denture secure and steady as shown.

For some, dentures suit their long-term needs, and for a long term aesthetic solution, modern denture manufacturing techniques using skilled and experienced technicians as part of the team, can provide a beautiful aesthetic solution to replacing missing teeth. Realistic individually made teeth, in combination with staining of the acrylic base can simulate a natural smile. Here at Peppermint Studios, we have some experienced clinicians, some of whom have extensive hospital experience in making dentures, who work with talented and skilled technicians. An example of a natural looking denture with staining and contouring of the gum-work can be seen in the photograph (with thanks to Alex Adair at Adair Dental Laboratory).

Other forms of dentures include a partial chrome denture - these are designed to cover as little of the palate and gum as possible, allowing as optimal oral hygiene and comfort as possible with a denture, whilst also using rests and clasps to keep the denture steady and secure.

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