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Dental Implants are now seen as the gold standard for replacing missing teeth, with over three million implants now being placed world-wide every year. Peppermint implantologists are renowned for implementing *pain free dental implants.

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A dental implant is a small titanium metal root, which is gently and carefully placed into the jaws under the gum line. After a short period of time to allow the bone to grow and fuse with the implant (a process called osseo-integration), the implant can be used for a variety of purposes. These include supporting a porcelain crown to replace a missing tooth, porcelain bridges to replace missing teeth. Removable dentures can be held more secure and steady by implants, and is a cost effective way of improving the function and confident of denture wearers in every day life.

1) Preservation of facial support and bone structure.

When teeth are lost, the jaw bones shrink away, which can lead to an aged appearance. The placement of a dental implant helps preserve bone and stimulate bone growth.

2) Preservation of natural teeth.

The replacement of missing teeth by bridgework often involves cutting down and preparing healthy teeth, which in the long term can lead to the loss of the supporting teeth. Dentures increase the susceptibility of the wearer to gum disease and dental decay due to increased plaque levels and difficulty in cleaning the supporting teeth effectively. The use of dental implants to replace missing teeth avoids the need to prepare teeth, and can prevent against dental disease.

3) Improved quality of life and comfort.

Denture wearers often experience reduced satisfaction in eating and smiling due to the looseness of their dentures. Dentures rest upon the gum, irritating the gum and causing shrinkage of the underlying bone. The dentures can move and slip around causing discomfort in the mouth with reduced confidence of the wearer in social situations.

Dental Implants can improve people’s quality of life, by supporting and holding the denture steady, giving an improved confidence in the ability to chew and enjoyment of social situations.

At Peppermint, our dental surgeons  have undergone extended training and are experienced in the placement and restoration of dental implants in Glasgow.

Implant Supported Denture Cost

Flexible payment options - dental implants plans from £75/ month over a 3 year period.

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The Advantages of Teeth Implants

Implant Supported Teeth

Maintains jaw bone

Most like natural teeth

Creates normal bite force

Maintains normal B12, folic acid and albumin levels

Aids normal healthy digestion

No denture adhesive required

No acrylic on the roof of your mouth

Fixed, secure with no movement

Gives back freedom to enjoy your favourite foods again

Traditional Dentures

Causes loss (thinning) of jaw bone

Reduces bite force

Reduces normal health digestion

Reduces normal B12, folic acid and albumin levels

Increased mobility over time

Denture adhesive required

Acrylic on the roof of your mouth

Loose and mobile

Limited food choices

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